translate MS-Word documents into valid XHTML.

This xhtmldoc perl script is rough and unsupported. There are other pieces of software that do a similar task, and they are probably more complete.

   Get: the source code
   Get: the character translation table

You'll need to modify the location of the "transtable.text" file in the code to match wherever you put it on disk. Also, the output still includes control characters, because I probably haven't found out all the the special uses or important characters. And each time I use it, I want to see if there are any new ones.


    xhtmldoc filaneme.doc | less
    xhtmldoc -f filename.doc   ## writes to filename.html

TODO: find a totally reliable way to delete the junk at the beginning and end of the file without deleting any of the good text in between.

  This program is governed by the GPL 
  Brett Hamilton  simple.be 2003-07-09

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